Adipotex is an extra thin and discreet garment that adjusts to fit your figure and is also breathable.Its intelligent fabric, Novarel Slim, has been specially designed so that the microcapsules it contains are released in a controlled manner during the normal use of the garment. It has a triple effect (Tri Active system), as not only does it reduce your figure, but it also firms the skin and improves the lymphatic drainage.

Technology – what is an intelligent fabric?

Novarel Slim is a nylon microfibre fabric that contains microcapsules with active principles that are released gradually.It is the most innovative way of applying body cosmetics.Compared to other types of applications such as creams, sprays, patches… intelligent fabrics are more effective thanks to the gradual and prolonged release of the active ingredients, maximum absorption of the product and guaranteed comfort.

How does it work?

  1. The nylon microfiber novarel slim, incorporates thousands of microcapsules in each filament.
  2. The friction of the fabric on the skin causes that microcapsules release their active principles.
  3. The penetration of active principles achieves a reduction of your contour quickly and easily.


Caffeine. Lipolytic action. Stimulates the mobilization and metabolism of free fatty acids.

Retinol. Antiradical action. Improves skin texture giving firmness.

Vitamin E. Antioxidant action in the synthesis of collagen. It is the vitamine of youth.

Ceramides. They act as a cement helping the intercellular joint.

Fatty acids. Nourishing action. Protect, smooth, regenerate and improve the skin elasticity. Preserve premature skin aging.

Aloe vera. Vasoconstriction action, improves microcirculation, stimulates the production of new cells giving light and moisture.